Can Cyber Crime Track Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Can Cyber Crime track deleted WhatsApp messages? Fortunately, there are a few ways to trace deleted WhatsApp messages. First, many phones automatically back up to a computer or cloud. However, recovering the data depends on the backup’s date and the service used to store the files. For Android users, there are ways to trace deleted WhatsApp messages, including restoring them from the phone’s storage. This article outlines two options.

iMyFone ChatsBack WhatsApp recovery

If you have accidentally deleted or lost WhatsApp messages on your device, iMyFone

ChatsBack can help you recover them. Chatsback allows you to recover data either to your PC or to your connected device. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you need to grant it permission to analyze the data. After that, you can preview the data in the program and verify that you have the correct number.

Pegasus remote surveillance software

Researchers at Forbidden Stories have uncovered evidence that governments around the world use remote surveillance software like Pegasus to on people without their knowledge. Their investigation revealed that Pegasus is capable of recording all phone information, including browsing history and phone calls, and even bypassing encryption in messaging services. These spy app for free tools have been used against human rights defenders, journalists, and political dissidents, among other targets.

WhatsApp traceability

While end-to-end encryption keeps WhatsApp chats private, if they are ever deleted, the company retains their memory. So, while it might be impossible to track deleted WhatsApp messages, it is possible to recover them with forensic tools. Deleted WhatsApp messages will remain hidden in the application’s memory until a court order requests it. To recover these messages, you need to track the users of WhatsApp’s messaging service and download the relevant forensic tools.


A new tool by Oxygen can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud. It does this using an encrypted encryption key generated by WhatsApp. Oxygen requires an Apple ID and SIM card of the user to perform the retrieval. Once the tool has the user’s SIM card, it then uses the key to decrypt the data and display it on the victim’s device. The tool requires the user’s Apple ID and access to iCloud.