Why do expert cooks prefer teak timber cutting boards over the alternatives? Everyone has their own requirements in relation to deciding on a new slicing board. I, for instance, search for one that calls for the least amount of upkeep, even as nevertheless looking sophisticated. Whether you’re searching out a durable board that won’t be abraded by means of sharp knives or an stylish board in an effort to contribute aesthetically to the design of your kitchen, your expectancies will be passed by means of a teak wooden cutting board.

Why Teak Wood?
Teak has long been acclaimed for its capacity to resist harsh outdoor weather situations, that is what made it the popular choice for utilization in ships, decks and out of doors fixtures. Due to its evidently produced oil, the wooden resists rotting and water stains with out requiring an awful lot protection. As teak wood is becoming greater on hand inside the United States, it has emerged as a popular option for indoor furnishings and, of Custom Wood Cutting Board path, slicing forums as nicely. People understand teak its herbal capability to protect itself, but purchase teak wooden due to the fact it’s so exotically beautiful compared to different wooden alternatives.

Teak Cutting Boards
Chefs opt to use teak wood forums due to its pliable nature. Teak is capable of cope with knife blades without leaving scars at the board or dulling the blades. This is an essential aspect for those of us who want to cook dinner frequently (and are constantly reducing!).

Once you have determined on the wooden to use for your slicing board, you still must pick a fashion. This involves not handiest searching at the numerous styles and sizes, but the special wood grain buildings and the extra components. Additional additives that I locate the maximum beneficial are juice canals and reduce outs. A juice canal round the edge keeps juices from spilling onto the counter and makes for an smooth easy-up technique. A bowl cut-out simplifies the transition of substances from the board to the salad bowl. As for specific grain alternatives, there are extraordinary styles relying in your desire.

Edge/Face Grain
Edge and face grains function extensive strains of timber that extend throughout the full period of the slicing board. These patterns are frequently the preferred manner to expose off the herbal beauty of the teak timber.

End Grain
End grains have a checkered look because they may be made through combining the cease portions of the wood rails together. This offers the surface a greater precise beauty in addition to presenting greater protection from knives since the wooden fibers of the cease grain take in the blade’s impact. End grain is frequently the preferred style while capability and sturdiness are the main determining elements.

Choosing a teak cutting board is an environmentally pleasant desire. Sustainable teak plantations are grown for the duration of Latin America, lowering the least expensive and environmental costs of buying teak wooden from the depleted forests of Southeast Asia. In those plantations, teak is grown in similar conditions, without the need for fertilizers or irrigation, generating the same remarkable first-rate wooden.

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