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Did you ever walk into a jewellery shop and
see blue diamonds, red diamonds, yellow
diamonds, or green diamonds, and wonder how
they were given to be that coloration via nature? Yes
diamonds are available in all of those colorations, and
extra evidently
When a diamond appears colorless, white light
or daylight ( all of the colors of the spectrum
enter the diamond and Technology are all absorbed so no
color is pondered returned to the eye.
Color in diamonds is absorption and
mirrored image of light.

This is induced in three methods:
Diamonds are natural carbon so something else
became stuck in the stone all through the formation
of the diamond
which modifications the absorption spectrum.
Take yellow and orange diamonds for instance
they include nitrogen whilst blue diamonds
incorporate boron.
Gray, violet and a few green diamonds contain
As you can see these are all elements that
had been stuck inside the stone all through its

So what’s another manner inexperienced diamonds get
their color guess you may in no way bet? Give up
well here is the solution:
(Natural Radiation) which over hundreds of thousands of
years alters the atomic shape of the
diamond as a consequence converting
the absorption spectrum to offer it a inexperienced
appearance. No natural inexperienced diamonds aren’t
so you do not should worry approximately sporting

Diamonds: How They Got To Be That Color