Hollywood and Disney are about as far removed from the world of haulage as it’s possible to be. Nonetheless there are a number of people used to glitz and glamour who have a professional knowledge of the work that goes into transporting back loads. Some of those multi-talented characters are revealed in this article.

Elvis Presley

This famous star found employment in the transportation industry long before showcasing his singing and acting talents to the world. Music enthusiasts Bulk Send Ethereum tokens can be eternally grateful that he didn’t listen to a producer who remarked: ‘stick to driving a truck, because you’ll never make it as a singer’. Instead, he went on to entertain the crowds with classics such as Suspicious Minds and Return To Sender.

Charles Bronson

Although movie star Jason Statham has gained recognition as the tough transporter, he doesn’t even match up to the mighty Charles Bronson. Before enrolling as a soldier and fighting off the bad guys in the Magnificent Seven he earned money by delivering heavy goods and picking up back loads. The clients that he used to make deliveries to must wish that they’d asked for a signature!

Sean Connery

The man who many people have proclaimed as the best James Bond also made a living by delivering back loads in his early years. Clearly unsatisfied with spending long hours on the road, he moved on to work as a lifeguard and hotel receptionist before landing roles in the movies. It wasn’t long before his true talent was recognised.

Chevy Chase

This actor is most famous for cracking the jokes in comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live and films including National Lampoon’s Animal House. However, prior to figuring out that his future lay in the world of entertainment Chase was employed as a motorcycle messenger and truck driver. Perhaps he was put off by the constant challenge of picking up back loads!

Chris Tarrant

In the days before Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, haulage clients used to wait with bated breath to see whether Chris Tarrant would successfully deliver the goods! The pressure of life on the road may have deterred the confident talker, as he was soon looking for paid presenting work.

Liam Neeson

The question of whether lorry driving or movie acting is more enjoyable could be answered by this Northern Irish star. He took to the wheel of large trucks before playing important figures in films such as Schindler’s List and Batman Begins. We’d hazard a bet that working with beauties such as Katie Holmes and Caroline Goodall is preferable to cruising along the open road.

Long Distance Clara

There are few animated characters that have popularised the profession of delivery driving to the same extent as this cheerful character. From picking up and dropping off back loads to helping out her friends, it’s all part of a working day for long distance Clara.


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