If you were required to drive to an unknown location What should you choose to do? Do you simply get in your car and go? Absolutely not! You’d look up the directions on the map. Nowadays, you can explore MapQuest, Yahoo or Google Maps to enter your start address, and then an address for your desired destination, then print the road map that corresponds to it to use as a reference.

Why? Why would you want to go to all this trouble? Why wouldn’t you drive straight towards sunset? You shouldn’t just get in your vehicle and head in an your old direction since you’ll never succeed. You’d get lost and not be able to get to where you want to get tomapquest street view technology.

It is just as crucial as having an outline of your route to a place that is not easily identifiable and back, it’s equally essential for your overall life. Here are some ideas on how to create your own life’s road map:

The first thing to remember is that a road map for your life or plan should be balanced across all aspects in your existence. If your ultimate goals focus on your professional career you’ll neglect your interests and friendships.

Make a second listing of all your responsibilities along with your relationships and the goals you want to achieve. For instance, your list may include:

O Husband

O Father

o Career

o Financial matters

o Friendships

Relationship with God

Personal development

Physical fitness or health

Third, you should write down your end-state goals for each of the areas in your checklist. The end-state goals will outline all the things you would like to accomplish within each section.

Fourth, define the milestones you’ll be required to complete to reach your goal-state goals.

Make your list of all the little actions you’ll need do to meet your goals.

A street map will lead you to your destination. A life map can guide you towards a life that is filled with happiness. However, your map isn’t able to inform you of the fact that any of the roads are blocked or closed. Therefore, just like you might have to take some detours on the way, you might need to alter your life’s roadmap periodically. But having a well-thought out life plan will bring you closer to achieving your goals than lacking one.


Five Tips for Creating A Life Roadmap