Laser liposuction, a relatively new technique for liposuction, is making its way across the country. This new liposuction method promises to be more comfortable and effective than traditional liposuction. How does it work? Are these claims true?

Laser liposuction does not promote cosmetic fat reduction or any other gimmick. The FDA approved it in 2007 as a legitimate, invasive surgical procedure. It is FDA approved. This means that it has been tested in numerous patients to ensure that it is safe and effective. This procedure is based upon years of scientific research and extensive experience 6D-Laser.

How does laser liposuction operate? Traditional liposuction uses a method called mechanical trauma. This involves removing the fat with a rod made of metal. Smartlipo treats fat in a completely different way. Laser light is used to melt the fat cells using a fiberoptic cable. The melted fat can be either suctioned or left to drain naturally by the body’s lymphatic system.

What is the difference between laser and traditional liposuction, you ask? Laser liposuction melts fat using a very small laser light rather than beating it on the skin. This reduces the pain and severity of the procedure. It is generally less painful than traditional liposuction. It may not be necessary to remove the fat after it has melted in small areas. Secondary suctioning may still be necessary in larger areas, but liquid and loose fat can be removed more easily. This makes it less stressful for both the patient and the plastic surgeon. The heat’s effect on the skin below is another benefit. The first time that liposuction does not depend on the skin’s ability to contract, the results of the procedure are also independent. Different wavelengths of laser can tighten skin and improve cellulite appearance.

Like any other fat-removal procedure, laser liposuction requires patience and time. Although some improvements may be visible immediately following the procedure, it is important to allow for additional time as the body absorbs excess liquid fat and swelling subsides. The body will continue to make changes over the next few weeks. The final results can take up to six months to see. In most cases, you will notice that the treated areas are smaller and that the skin in those areas is firmer.


Laser Liposuction: The New Method for Fat Removal