A Custom Designed Lock can be made to meet the needs of the customer. The customer may approach the lock manufacturer with an idea of what lock they want. There is no standard lock on the market that can meet their requirements. Customer will need to provide an idea of what they are looking to secure and a rough idea about the design and quantity cabinet lock manufacturers. These are other important considerations:

The lock’s security level

  • Type of key design
  • Material from which the lock should be made

What tools would you need?

  • Timeframe required

After answering some of these questions, a discussion can be had about the cost of tooling and the lock cost. Now, the most important deciding factor is the quantity. Standard is a run of 5,000-10,000. Each lock will be more expensive if it is larger.

Tooling costs can also be a major factor in deciding whether you buy or not. These costs can reach as high as $100,000. These costs can reach as high as $100,000. The manufacturer can usually sell the tooling to other customers if they pay the cost of the tooling. The quantity of the tooling may result in different costs.

Drawings are sent back to the customer as soon as the design process begins. After the customer approves the design, the tooling can be designed and manufactured. A small number of tools are usually made and sent to customers to ensure that they like it. At this stage, minor modifications can be made. Once the customer has approved, the main production run can be started. To ensure that the lock meets specifications, the manufacturer will often perform quality control during production.

This may seem like an easy task. It’s not. For a simple design, it can take up to 3 months. It can take 6-9 months for complex designs. This entire process is more costly the more complicated the design.

Manufacturers won’t even consider custom-designed locks if it causes disruption to their manufacturing process. Some will require a large upfront deposit to cover their costs if the customer cancels. Many people will look for lock manufacturers who specialize in custom-designed locks.


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