Take a look in the child’s room and see what toys they have. Some of us go overboard with high-tech. Some others have done it in the DVD sector. Many others have amassed an overwhelming number of dolls cars Pokemon cards and other toys which, although they were once enjoyed, are now unusablebirthday book.

What is the real desire of children? I can tell ya. It’s something that you know already. It is your time. Your time. Your time, whether you are sitting next to them or sat on your lap, is the best way to spend your time with them. What is one thing that can bring together parents and children in this way? You have it… books!

Personalized books came up in my search recently. It is an amazing idea. The child becomes the hero of the story. They can be a princess from a fairytale or a pirate in an adventure story. Or they could even be an animal in the zoo. Imagine the child’s excitement when they see their own name in a book. Many books let parents and siblings name their child, while some allow their hometown. Talk about engaging the children!

I started to think of all the benefits a book like this would bring. Home-school mom myself, my first thought was “is this educational?” Some people choose to have fun. I take the educational route but with some fun.

Personalized books grab attention from the first page. They are more likely than others to be still and listen because the book is personalized. They are also more likely to be attentive for a period of time and actively participate in the story. Later, you can talk with them about the story. Which part of the story was most exciting? Which part was the most interesting? What were the animals you noticed? How many coins were in that treasure box? The list continues. In order to improve the child’s ability of articulating their thoughts clearly and to organize them, it is helpful to get the child to tell stories. It is a very rewarding practice.

Next, ask your child for their name to be written on the pages. It is a great idea to stimulate interest in your child’s early readers. A book that is personal to them will be more popular than books about other topics. Personalized books can take the letters from the child’s name, and then make it up as a story. This is a wonderful way to learn the letters. They don’t even realize that they are learning!

I believe they can also be used for copywriting. I’ve seen many kids resist practicing their letters, especially the boys. Much more likely to hold their attention is copying from a book about them.

Personalized books are a brilliant idea. Many personalized book companies were started by parents who wanted to help their children. These books are a great treasure and we thank them for their contribution.


Personalized books are the perfect gift