HTC Smart is another Smart Phone launched by HTC, which focuses greatly in ease of operation as against highly technical features that get incorporated in the phones tips and tricks these days; that people do not even know how to use them. This phone runs on the Brew operating system from Qualcomm. This operating system enables you to add widgets on the main screen of the phone and at the same time trying to keep the menus very simple. For the people who like iPhone or Android Mobile, but want an affordable version of that phone, they can invest in the HTC Smart.

This modest little touch screen device runs the ‘Sense’ user interface that is prevalent in the other HTC phones like HTC Hero, It has 256MB internal memory with 3 megapixel camera, and micro SD Slot for memory expansion. The standby battery time of over 600 hrs is truly amazing. The astounding features of the phone might make you feel that the price would be very expensive, but this is a reasonably affordable phone owing to the Qualcomm operating system. The HTC Smart Contract deals further make this easier to buy. The deals for this phone can come in the form of cash backs, free gifts and discounted prices.

It can strike a very good balance between your productive side and the recreational aspects of your life. If you are busy during the week, then the menus on the home screen like the emails, calendar, web browser and contacts can help you to ease out of that. However; if you are in a playful mood during the weekends then the phone can be geared to reflect that aspect too, bringing music, camera and games to the forefront. There are even scenes that can be personalized to reflect your distinctive personalized style. Therefore one can say that this smart phone actually brings out the fun aspect in your personality too.

The panels in this phone are so smartly organized that all your conversations with your friends are neatly organized under their pictures. You do not have to open thousand applications to look through all your interactions with any particular friend or client of yours. Be it any message through emails, Face book or texts, the preview gives you a single view of all your interactions. That can really facilitate your interaction with clients when all the fact would be directly in front of you while conversing with them. The Smart Features of the device gets further highlighted by the fact that a single touch in the phone can turn your phone into landscape mode for a better view while browsing the net. At the same time the Smart zoom enlarges the screen and reflows the text for easy reading experience. Now all these smart features in this commendable little touch screen device is certainly making this phone favourite of people from all walks of life!

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The HTC Smart Phone can be truly personalized in accordance to the state of mind and your physical being at all the times.