Just like lengths, styles, colors, and sizes, Air Tracks needs to be examined properly in terms of its depth. The most favorite depths in which air track mats are mostly demanded are explained as below. There is no hard and fast rule that you cannot buy any other depth of air track. We are going to define the standardized and perfect depths of air track mats:

10 cm Air Tracks

The standard and most interested depth of an air track is 10 cm. It is because it provides you soft landing, high stable moves, and much more. It also mimics the same sizes just like a gymnastic making skills can easily transfer them back in a gym. There are various brands that are offering air track mats with this standard depth. While the most common and best brand is Kameymall.It is a name of perfection and quality in terms of air tracks.

20 cm Air Tracks

For more bounces and increased elasticity you can opt a 20 cm Air Track which is also a perfect depths solution for all of the levels of athletes. A 20 cm Air Track is useful for both low and high pressure for providing stable, and better landing and height for jumps.

If depends on your needs and personal liking that which of the above depths that you are looking for in your air track mat.

What Should Be the Air Track Depth