More than ever, children witness innumerable, every now and then traumatizing,
information events on TV. It appears that violent crime and horrific information is unabating.
Foreign wars, herbal disasters, terrorism, murders, incidents of child abuse,
and medical epidemics flood our newscasts daily. Not to say the bleak
wave of latest college shootings.

All of this intrudes on the harmless international of youngsters. If, as psychologists
say, kids are like sponges and soak up the entirety that is going on around them,
how profoundly does looking TV information clearly affect them? How careful do
mother and father want to be in tracking the go with the flow of news into the house, and the way can
they find an approach that works?

To solution these questions, we grew to become to a panel of seasoned anchors, Peter
Jennings, Maria Shriver, Linda Ellerbee, and Jane uk top news Pauley–every having confronted the
complexities of elevating their own inclined kids in a information-saturated

Picture this: 6:30 p.M. After an hard day on the workplace, Mom is busy
making dinner. She parks her 9-12 months-vintage daughter and five-yr-old son in the front
of the TV.

“Play Nintendo till dinner’s equipped,” she instructs the toddlers, who,
alternatively, start flipping channels.

Tom Brokaw on “NBC News Tonight,” proclaims that an Atlanta gunman
has killed his wife, daughter and son, all 3 with a hammer, before occurring
a shooting rampage that leaves nine dead.

On “World News Tonight,” Peter Jennings reviews that a jumbo jetliner with
greater than three hundred passengers crashed in a spinning metal fireball at a Hong Kong

On CNN, there is a file approximately the earthquake in Turkey, with 2,000
human beings killed.

On the Discovery channel, there’s a well timed special on hurricanes and the
terror they invent in kids. Hurricane Dennis has already struck, Floyd is

Finally, they see a nearby news report approximately a curler coaster coincidence at a New
Jersey entertainment park that kills a mom and her eight-12 months-vintage daughter.

Nintendo become never this riveting.

“Dinner’s equipped!” shouts Mom, unaware that her youngsters can be terrified
through this menacing potpourri of TV news.

What’s incorrect with this photograph?

“There’s a LOT incorrect with it, however it’s no longer that without problems fixable,” notes Linda
Ellerbee, the creator and host of “Nick News,” the award-winning news
program geared for children a long time 8-13, airing on Nickelodeon.

“Watching blood and gore on TV is NOT proper for kids and it doesn’t do
an awful lot to decorate the lives of adults both,” says the anchor, who strives to
tell youngsters approximately international activities without terrorizing them. “We’re into
stretching youngsters’ brains and there is nothing we would not cowl,” together with
latest packages on euthanasia, the Kosovo crisis, prayer in schools, ebook-
banning, the death penalty, and Sudan slaves.

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